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a call to action

June 22-29 2023

can you make it?


JUNe 22-29 2023





We believe Jesus loves Europe. We believe He longs for every person to know him. We believe He is grieved over poverty and social injustice. And we believe the world can change!

We know that God can use us, young people, to make a difference.  The boredom of European youth can be replaced with risk-taking initiatives that makes a difference on our continent, in our time.

For the sake of Europe, we must act now. For the sake of the Christian young people in Europe, it is long overdue.  

Love EUROPE is an outreach from all of Europe to a well prepared site in Moldova for effective ministry that will help the poor and needy. It will also be a life changing experience for the participants. You will know for sure: it was worth the effort! 

The outreach is a gathering of groups of youth, local and international – from all over Europe! What an  attractive atmosphere with cross-boarder friendships! 


We make missions available for the masses. Not only the privileged. What if east and west can unite for a common goal? We choose hubs that can be reached by cheaper airlines, busses and trains.


We provide food and housing that makes ministry in Europe affordable and accessible for every teenager in Europe! 

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