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Let us emphasize results. We want to put our money where it matters: To seek and save the lost. To feed the hungry, clothe the naked and comfort the hurting.

Do you want to be more than a spectator? You can be part of something big, and have a purpose greater than our lives. 

Moldova is the poorest and least visited country in Europe. We will reach out to the people in Ungheni in june 2023. Join us as we gather many Europeans to make an impact trough evangelism, acts of mercy and dignity. We will help plant churches, comfort the sick and visit the prisoners.

We provide all you need on site. Training, translators, fellowship and inspiration. You do not need to be an experienced Christian. All you need is a hope to make a difference.

We gather to change the lives of many. We gather to worship together with many others from all over Europe. We share. We give. We live!  

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