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Ungheni is the 7th largest city in Moldova with around 35000 inhabitants. We work with local churches and join their long term plan. Our goal is to help plant new churches in smaller villages around the city. 
We have chosen Ungheni as our outreach destination in 2024. Moldova is isolated with only 17 000 visitors a year. Still it is easy accessible from both east and west. It is time to care for the lonely! 
Moldova is the poorest country in Europe only passed by a war torn Ukraine. Lowest salary was 8 NOK per hour (2019). In search for work, many parents have left the country and leave their children to be taken care of by a relative or a neighbor. 
There are huge social challenges.
To travel to Ungheni, you can fly to the Moldovian capital Chisinau, or even better to the citiy Iasi in Romania, which is only 25 km away and across the boarder.  Even Bucuresti can be a gateway as there are many buses and trains going to Iasi. 
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